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Welcome to The Beech Royd Consultancy, the business name under which a small group of selected colleagues offer professional services to the food and drinks industry.

My name is Bryn Craggs, and I graduated with an honours degree in Food Science from the Procter Department of Food Science at the University of Leeds in 1985.

I spent the first ten years of my career as an employee with blue chip employers such as the Mars Group, Northern Foods (now part of 2 Sisters Food Group), and H J Heinz before taking the plunge and starting this business. The name of the consultancy by the way is taken from the house in which I then lived.

My initial intention was to focus solely on process and product development, because these are the areas where the unusual set of skills that make up Food Science offer the best potential to create new and interesting products. However, I found that many of my initial clients were smaller businesses, often without the wealth of specialist technical expertise that I had taken for granted in the Blue Chip environment. This meant that they often asked me to advise on closely related topics such as quality systems, accreditations, training, hygiene and so on.

In order to meet these needs for my clients I invested a great deal of time and effort in developing the additional skills required, and where I could not be sure that I could provide the service and expertise  at the quality that I demand of myself, I involved other experts as ad-hoc associates. This enabled me to extend the work of the business into software and website development, pharmaceuticals, and so on.

The net result is that having developed The Beech Royd Consultancy for 20 years, we can offer an integrated toolbox of technical solutions.  We still do process and product development, but we do much more than this. Have a look at the “What We Do” page to see how we could help your business.